Why People Invest in Real Estate on Gudi Padwa?

Amongst all the festivals in India, Gudi Padwa is considered as the most auspicious occasions for purchasing goods, items, and property or investments. It’s a traditional new year and considered as a start of new opportunities and approach for the people. According to the experts, Gudi Padwa is a traditionally auspicious time to invest in real estate in India.

Indians prefer investing in a property or buying a home on the occasion of Gudi Padwa, especially in Maharashtra. Thus, the real estate developers in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur and the other parts of Maharashtra experience a rise in enquiries.

Let’s see what more Gudi Padwa brings for the people looking to buy a home.

Attractive Discounts

The realtors understand the importance of the auspicious occasion for the homebuyers.  Therefore, they come up with different schemes and attractive Gudi Padwa offers to attract the homebuyers. As per past records, developers from Pune, Mumbai, and Nasik start focusing on the discount deals before these type of occasions.

Offering Freebie

Developers depend heavily on the festive days like Gudi Padwa for a much-needed push. Most of the developers have inventory to clear out and as a result, they offer different freebies with the home. Homebuyers come across schemes such as free gold coins, holiday package, modular kitchens, etc. The recent challenge for almost every builder is the parking allotments. Thus, you will come across the offers like ‘with covered parking’.

Home Loan Offers

Alike real estate, Gudi Padwa is important for the home loan companies also. Private home loan companies also start offering new home loan plans for the homebuyers on the festivals. You may come across loan offers with lower interest rates. Additionally, a few home loan lenders in the big ticket segment, come up with offers like easy EMIs and waiver of processing fees and charges.

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Government Schemes

Gudi Padwa often comes after the declaration of the financial budget. Since the home is one of the basic needs of the people, the budget helps to take the steps to make the housing affordable for the people. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has helped many homebuyers a long way to buy their first home or property. These type of government schemes have set the right tempo for the homebuyers and investors to invest in real estate sector.

Every real estate developer from Pune, Mumbai, or any other part of Maharashtra understands the importance of Gudi Padwa. These days are the booster for the developers as most of their inventory is sold on occasions like Gudi Padwa. Real Estate industry has been following this for many years. So, if you are a home buyer, watch out for the exciting Gudi Padwa offers!

A Very Happy Gudi Padwa to the Readers!

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