What are The Documents Required to Buy a Land?

Land investment is one of the major decisions of our lives and hence, we have always been extra careful. When you looking for a land investment here is how you can be double sure about everything! With correct property papers and identity proofs, you can take a more informed decision regarding your land.

Here are some of the crucial papers that land buying guide swears by –

1. No objection certificate – In case you are buying a house from a government authority or the owner then acquiring a NOC is vital. Do not do away with this. Also, take note that in order to obtain this you have prescribed fees to the concerned party.

2. Sale deed – Sale deed is one of the vital documents that act as a proof of sale and transfer of the ownership. However, prior the execution of sale deed the buyer should check whether the property has a clear title or not. You must not at all overlook this particular document as it helps you identify the authenticity of the project.

3. Building approval plan – Getting an approval by the authority is vital. Before making any kind of land investment please ensure that the plan you are looking at is approved by the authorities. In case there is no approval plan you better warn yourself about it.

4. Commencement certificate – This is required if your property is under construction. If the land you are dealing with lacks commencement certificate then you better ask them. The property cannot go ahead with construction unless and until it owns the commencement certificate.

5. Occupancy certificate – This one is for constructed properties. Hen any builder applies for this certificate an inspection is carried out. It is important to own this particular certificate as this signifies that the property is ready for occupancy.

Investing in land is an important decision. It requires a lot of well-thought planning and execution as well. Be extremely careful and particular about these documents. It is advisable to better opt for trusted land builders such as land developers in Pune in order to avoid any such inconvenience ahead.

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It is always advisable to opt for a renowned builder. You can always make it a point to check these documents as well as the previously done work of the builder.

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