Top Factors to Consider when Buying Land from The Developer

The land is considered as the highly valuable tangible asset that can fetch a good value upon selling. However, it depends on the demand and price of the location and the land during the selling period. A land investment can yield good dividends after certain years if there is any development taking place around. Whether the development is done under the government project or by the private developer, a positive effect on the price of the land is certainly beneficial for the owner. Traditionally, the process was to buy a plot from the individual owner. Of late, investors and end user have started investing in a plot owned by developers. Developers who own NA plots sell it at a heavy price, and investors happily invest in it. In the city like Pune, for the past few years, investors are approaching developers to buy NA plots due to its future infrastructural benefits. The major reason behind this is the improvement in infrastructure near NA plots.

SVB Realty, one of the reputed land developers in Pune, has been doing such transaction and earned a good return. If you are one of the investors looking for the land buying guide and are keen to buy NA plots from developers, then there are few things to consider before investing:

• The Reputation of the Developer:

Before you set up a deal with the developer to buy a land, it is important to check the reputation of the developer in the market. Developers are smart when it comes to selling the property to the investor. But you as an investor need to be vigilant by having a thorough examination. A background check is important to know what type of plot does the developer deals with. Reputed developers like SVB Realty will offer residential land that can yield a good return in future.

• Will it Save Your Money?:

When buying a land from the developer, check if the dealing can save your money. Anticipate future development cost and other aspects. Is the water supplied by the city or private water company? Is the electricity available 24/7? Does it have a good connectivity? The cost of the infrastructure to modern amenities is a part of the package of purchasing the land, which certainly saves money.

• Check the Locality:

An important land buying guide is when investing in a plot you need to check the locality and its market growth. If you buy an NA plot at a prime location, then there is a great chance that your property value will increase in future. Check the regulations and building codes, so that the value of the land remains high for years. The land must serve your purpose as you are investing your hard-earned money on it.

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• Examining the Land:

When buying a land from a land developer, it is important to examine how it will benefit in future and is the documentation done is legit. A reputed land developer in Pune will spend enough time in determining the possibility of the ROI from the plot. A proper research is very important before the deal is signed with the land developer.

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