Pune’s Suburbs Transform the City’s Property Market

Most of the suburban areas in Pune easily offer thousands of affordable and semi-ranged housing complexes and developing societies. So let us look at why these property options can be the best and the most ideal options for the people and all types of property investors.

Usually, Pune is not considered to be a metropolitan city of India especially when is compared to neighboring cities like Mumbai.  But unlike Mumbai, Pune has the advantage of being able to expand structurally and now it has been growing at a rapid rate. With the constant absorption of technology from the surrounding places and cities, the city will soon take over cities like Mumbai in terms of development and developed others areas. Even nowadays Pune suburban areas account for the massive geographic spread and these areas have seen the highest rate of affordable and medium-range housing society development.

Some of the well-known suburban areas are performing better than other areas. The suburban areas which are near to the IT and ITes park usually attract rich buyers and are heavily in demand with the popular and with the big budget people. The main reason behind the areas’ popularity is their high tech and better civic and social infrastructure. The other suburbs have been inspired by the development and have started their own large integrated infrastructure development. A lot of the extended suburban areas are only having budget housing infrastructure. But with heavy infrastructure advancement and huge demand for homes and villa projects in Pune, these extended suburbs have witnessed a huge improvement in their profile and popularity.

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Why These Areas Are Better Than Cities or Urban Areas?

But contrary to the urban beliefs, the real estate areas basically lies in these suburb areas. There lies a misconception where people of India have a belief that the most advanced and the most Valuable housing societies lie in the city major and central areas. While the housing solutions near and around the center part of the city, will always be in heavy demand due to their proximity to the popular central and secondary business district, most of the Central busy locations remain totally unaffordable and heavily congested. The recent builders are only able to buy very small patches of land in the central areas of Pune. Such small plots will only accommodate a limited number of flats in the central areas.  There are very few real estate builders in Pune who have properties available to build townships, societies, and villa projects.

Added to this problem, as the space in such Central patches is less and is restricted, these builders mostly offer limited or no extra amenities which is a major disadvantage of such plots. At the end of the day, the things which a buyer notice is the small and restricted housing areas that usually offer negligible or no amenities but adding to the negative reviews of the city central areas.

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