New Year Home Resolutions for 2019

In the starting of new-year 2019, if you have one resolution on selling your current home or buying a new one, there are many factors to consider, making buying and selling a home stressful. Here is brief guidance on the real-estate transaction.

Before thinking of buying or selling a home, you need to handle your finances in order. Being a buyer, it doesn’t matter the monthly mortgage payment or being seller, the check you receive at the closing table. For buyers, pre-approval gives you an idea of affordability and the routine costs that come with home-ownership. It’s advisable to verify your assumptions with a financial adviser. For sellers, the final cost is all that matters. The professionals/advisers can only advise on the financial realities like the potential tax implications of the sale and any area-specific obligations i.e., closing costs.

Getting educated about the homes in your selected area. Some simple ways of learning the market are by using the smart-phones or the real-estate websites. You will get an idea of the median home price and average days on market. Search by the school to learn the local amenities and even compute your commute, getting acquainted with area stores and restaurants. It’s well worth to look at the increasing of home price in your targeted neighbourhood.

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Choosing of real-estate professional depends on either you buying/selling a home. As it’s not a swipe-turn decision, so don’t stick to only one professional. The agent should be with you in each step of this complex, often emotional process and matches your personality.

Home buyers should start at the earliest for the lowest possible price and less competition. So bad weather and kids in school times are recommended. In addition, you need to handle how much you can afford, so shop for rates and loans.

Home sellers should take advantage of the peak selling season, mostly in spring through summer. So when your property is out on the market, it’s always tempting to take the first decent offer comes. If not in the pressurized situation, then give it some time, expand your offer-pool by showing maximum possible time before comes to the final decision. A good first impression on potential buyers is also very important. As buying a home is sometimes emotional, so make sure your house pulls the heartstrings at first-look. Invest on a good photograph of your house and ramp-up the curb appeal by adding potted plants, a new doormat or fresh paint. These upgrades won’t break your bank but effects potential buyers.

Avoid costly mistakes and problems. For buyers, don’t get caught with immense master-bath or huge backyard. Always look at your budget and reasonable down payment you can afford. Must stick to the goals and parameters of your search. The sellers, should keep the right price and is comparable with other homes in the area. It’s advisable to speak with the real-estate experts for right home value.

Though buying and selling a home is a never-ending tips list, but it always remains both exciting and daunting.

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