How is Pune’s Property Market Influenced by its Educational Institutes?

History stated that Jawaharlal Nehru coined Pune as “The Oxford of the East”, owing to schools other management institutes that the city boasted about. Pune attracts thousands of students each year from all over the country as well as from all over the globe.

It is a fact that Pune’s real estate market is said to be directly linked to being beneficiary because of its highly established educational environment. People staying in Pune are always eager to invest in their children’s education. A direct urge to pay more for a home which is located more closely to a good institute is often seen. In fact over more than 35% of the citizens in Pune are said to approximately listed to stay near good institutions.

Mostly the buyers who are interested in buying properties near education centers are the migrants from other states, which leads to the greater demand of houses near schools as this can be the most ideal step for any person to raise a family. A group of significant buyers, predominantly the young working couples are mostly willing to compromise on other aspects. These may include entertainment and even their workplaces just to secure a home which is closer to a good school.

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For these people, welfare of their children matters to them the most than any other thing. The property buyers in Pune will always prefer a residential project located near an educational institution and are always ready to pay any higher rates for their family. So after summing up from the pieces of information, that there lays no doubt about the location of the top best schools and colleges in Pune.

It is a very well known fact that people are earning more day by day, working day and night to increase their salary for not their own sake but for their families to be happy. After this, the members of their family can enjoy the ultimate luxury of life and in addition to a proper educational field where the children can not only enjoy the bits of life but can also flourish themselves by being in good a company. They can also enjoy their living in a proper society and good schooling and college environment. To provide all these things to his or her family, it is quite mandatory for a person to work and earn to provide all these factors and to enjoy and provide the same to its family.

There are the real estate agencies who are ready to provide the same for a very good price and it is a very ethical way as well by proving all those things to its customers the real estates can get a good price for their deal. So, it is a win-win situation for both the parties, thus it is a never-ending topic but a conclusion can be made that somehow or the other educational institutions to create a great impact on the market property.

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