Five lessons from Lord Ganesha on Buying a Property

Ganesh Chaturthi is considered as the onset of Indian festivals. It is a ten-day festival of adoration of Lord Ganesha. It is also popularly known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi. This festival is celebrated mainly while initiating a journey as it is believed that, worshipping Lord Ganesha will eradicate all the hindrance that comes in the path of success. Given below are some monetary lessons one can learn from Ganesh Chaturthi:

1. Take an Initiative:

It is never too late to take an initiative. If you have not taken any initiative in acquiring your monetary aim, start right now. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated while initiating a new journey, so take an initiative towards securing your financial goals right now. This could be done by saving an equal amount of money every month. You can use it as a recurring investment or as a mutual fund investment plan. This will help you to fulfill your desires like buying your own property.

2. Learn to Earn More:

As we all know that Ganesha has large ears and small eyes. This feature emphasizes the fact of learning through listening and observing things around us. Applying fresh methods which helps you to increase your income is the best decision you can make. By earning, saving and investing more one could meet all his demands in fulfilling the desires. Also by observing more, you could choose the best and appropriate properties with the best reference.

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3. Be Frugal:

We all know, that mouse is the vehicle for Lord Ganesha. According to the size of Lord Ganesha, the mouse is very tiny. From this feature, we come to know that, we should make the best of use, even from the slightest resource we have. We should not be impulsive in buying something. We should have patience, interrogate property, and then come to a conclusion. We should know the difference between our wants and needs. We should spend money on the things we need, rather than the things we want. This will help us to secure more money.

4. Ensured a Secured Community:

Ganpati is the other name for Ganesha, which means “savior”. You should also learn about how to protect yourself and your family from miseries that you have to face in future. Keep a habit of buying only adequate things. This will help you to save money and run as a backup when your family faces any financial upset in future. This will help to suffer less and bring you more close to achieving your future goals.

5. Digest Volatility:

As we all know, that Ganesha has a huge stomach. This feature emphasizes the fact of his digestive ability. In the commercial world, there are times, when the market faces financial upheaval and a lot of unpredictable obstacles. Thus, you should have the knowledge about the assets and how much capital you should invest, which reveals the stomach ability of an individual. This volatility helps the investors to stay calm when such upheavals arise.

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