Digitization of Land Records in Real Estate – A Big Step!

To simplify management of trusted information and maintaining the security by protecting data from the unauthorized access or manipulation with no room for error about individuals, organizations, assets and activities, the requirement for a digitized system for data handling by the government needs to be implemented. Digitization, like the other advanced governments, has touched and transformed almost every industry, India also need to the digitized real-estate sector in terms of construction, asset management, marketing and sales and also for the dawn of “smart homes” and a professional working environment. The housing sector alone contribute 5%-6% of country’s GDP. As per IBEF, the real-estate market of India is going to touch USD180 billion by 2020, where, technology will accelerate the growth-rate in real-estate further.

Reasons for Digitization

Still many states have not even digitized the basic survey documents, sketches, maps, etc. Previously, these records were maintained by different departments at the village level and they were working alone with no digitization training and lacked any streamlined land records resulting in litigation, scams and property disputes over land ownership. All these forced the government to set up a digital department which will lead to transparency and reducing the document procurement time.

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Introduction of DILRMP

Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) was launched to computerized all land records, including mutations, improve transparency in the land record maintenance system, digitize maps and surveys, updating all settlement records and minimize the scope of land disputes. A clear title of land ownership will be provided, which can be monitored easily by government officials facilitating the quick transaction. It will also reduce construction timelines and developers overall costs and benefited the consumers’, making attractive property prices.

The computerized land record was started by Karnataka under “Bhoomi Project” followed by Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Due to lack of clear and sufficient data and mismanagement between the various land records handling agencies even the digital land record and the digitized land registration databases are not synchronized.

What will be the Impact?

The registered sale deeds and property tax receipts are not government guaranteed title to the property but the authorities used them primarily for financial purposes. For the evidence of ownership, the registered property title documents should be provided which will encourage faster transactions and completion of projects in the real estate industry. For national growth, the support of infrastructure development also requires litigation-free land for commercial and residential use.

The unclear land titles, the accompanying costs for title disputes, litigation and lack of transparency, makes the real-estate market sluggish. So the digitization of all kind of land records is imminent.


It will also boost the government’s “Digital India” mission. The total area of land owned by a person will be revealed by a complete compilation of land record data, avoiding confusion between government and private lands and difficult evading of property tax by the general public. For home buyers, it will show the correct details of the owner and any litigation records if exists, also if buying from a developer they can verify if the building adheres to all regulations and transparent market-based pricing. SVB Realty offers residential plot for sale in Pune with the help of experts who will guide you throughout the land buying process and documentations. That’s the reason SVB Realty is becoming a convenient potion for the people looking for residential plots in Pune.

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