A Guide to Creating Wealth with Residential Real Estate Investment

So a question may arise on how does an investor makes the most from the property investment? So let us look at the expert views on factors and regions that all the residential home buyers should consider.

For any kind of infrastructural investment or in any residential property to get effective returns, the location of the housing should have a proper social infrastructure, property public transportation facilities, and proper economic activity to retain development and growth. All of these parameters equally apply to all kinds of non-agricultural lands assigned to residential developments and also to flats in the residential plots.

However to reduce or neutralize the risk factors, one must stick to tier 1 and tier 2 cities always. It is also advised to invest in the properties where the price ranges between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 per square feet and this would give you protection against the capital erosion value. To get it simple it means that it is a safe price segment deal and guarantees nearly the best capital appreciation.

Some top guidelines to get the most from your investment:

1.To get to know better about the property circle so to identify and be assured about the best entry point

2. All the leasehold titles that are issued by the government must always be followed.

3. All the building investors must have a clear comprehension of unearned increase of the whole capital gain the main value of the stamp duty that needs to be paid on time.

4. Always remember to check the quality of development because poor Design and weak construction are the common points where the market falls down.

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5. The project’s total development plan and the statutory plans should be in place. If the approvals and plans are not in place, the investor must monitor them closely and effectively during the investment cycle.

6. Must always check the credibility and the previous history or the track record of the developer and his total arrangements for the capital required to complete the project as even most of the top and reputed developers have failed to develop and complete their project in time.

7. To shortlist and appoint a well-known legal farm for carrying out all the legal activities and diligence on the property’s titles. A person should not always rely on the home loan farms alone as they also need to complete their company’s targets like the developers.

8. To first understand and analyze the size and dimensions of the plot. Small plots or apartments usually cost less but are very difficult to sale.

9. The location of the project is important but so is the location and direction of the flat or apartment. All types of investors are advised not to buy the top floors of high rises as the floor charge would be added to it.

There are many upcoming residential properties in Pune and outskirts. Pune’s real estate has seen a rise in the investment opportunities in NA plot projects.  With the introduction of Pune Metro, it is clear that Pune’s Real Estate Market will experience a rapid growth.

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