Traditional Vs. Contemporary Construction Style

Difference between traditional and contemporary construction styles varies from man to man. Traditional construction design gets its influence from some historic styles such as neoclassical, colonial, Spanish, or Victorian, whereas contemporary residential design receives its fashion from the modern architecture of the 20th Century. Famous style elements of contemporary style incorporate rectangular or square shapes, sleek lines, minimalistic interior design, and usage of clear panels or heavy glass.


Albeit personal choice is important in residential design, sustainability is one of the vital differences between traditional and contemporary homes. When a conventional home can have features like energy efficiency, maximum modern houses are made with conservation as the primary design element. Presently, architecture is immensely impacted by the eco-friendly design movement and looks for combining environment-friendly components with stylistic elements.


Conventionally designed houses are sometimes environmentally suitable as their design principles can conflict with energy efficiency. As many people have traditional style sense, you cannot always find them decorate their homes with smart devices or modern furniture. For example, a stainless steel apparatus inside a kitchen with wood finishes or warm colours, and solar panels on a classic roof can be a pain for eyes. Often this lets residents of classic homes invest in devices depending on style instead of sustainability. Nevertheless, a more traditionally designed home has space for recycled things. Householders can invest in antique products or refurbished items to decorate their classic house.

Design aesthetics

During the construction process, many modern homes, sustainable tools, and materials are used for the entire appearance, to make a house look elegant and energy efficient. However, modern houses have some stylistic restrictions as well. For instance, in case an eco-friendly green home is constructed with glass, concrete, or recycled metals, its gray colour, and industrial frame won’t be compatible with every kind of interior furnishing. A highly modern house will possibly have very few, minimum furnishing to match its smooth exterior.

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Final Words

In spite of different kinds of tastes and preferences, maximum homeowners like complementary design features which make a purposeful setting instead of a mismatched or incoherent house. Nevertheless, numerous people bothered about conservation. Thankfully, residents can invest in green homes, irrespective of design aesthetics. Energy-saving materials and equipment can be included in any new house or reconstruction project if you take help from innovative and professional designers. With 6 years of experience in building classic and modern houses, SVB Realty can execute your style concepts and sustainability objects. Contact us if you are seeking premium residential solutions in Pune, India.

Importance of Adopting Environmental Friendly Construction Methods

Environment-friendly construction incorporates the utilisation of materials and procedures which are resource-efficient and naturally liable across a building’s life cycle. Long released as being expensive, green buildings have experienced flow in popularity because of the many perks they offer over non-green buildings which range from social and economical to environmental. Let’s have a look at some reasons why it is necessitous to adopt eco-friendly construction methods!

  1. Energy-efficiency

Green building construction reduces reliance on energy from non-renewable sources like coal. Solar panels are installed in these buildings to utilise solar energy and their windows are designed in a way which enables as much natural light as possible, hence, eliminates the utilisation of artificial light. This method makes sure that the buildings use energy efficiently. Energy-efficiency is important not just for a user but also for the whole world because non-renewable sources of energy are costly and aid environmental pollution.

  1. Better Wellbeing

People who stay in a green building reap many health advantages due to the safety of materials utilised in such buildings’ construction. For example, environment-friendly construction companies like SVB Realty don’t use plastic by-products which have been found to discharge toxic substances. Toxic materials such as carcinogens not just lead to breathing issues but also raise the scopes of getting cancer.

  1. Low Maintenance & Operation Expense

Green buildings include robust construction features which make sure proficient utilisation of resources like energy and water. For instance, by utilising task lighting methods, lots of green buildings highly eliminate the power amount utilised in lighting systems. This helps users save as much as one-third of their energy and water bills. Provided that maintenance and operation expenses can justify as much as 80% of the lifetime expenses of a building, lessening such expenses considerably raises the earnings of building owners who get rents from these buildings. Although green building construction may be little costlier than their non-green counterparts, the eliminated maintenance and operation expenses of green buildings make them much inexpensive in the long run.

  1. Better Environment

By lessening the use of energy sources which pollute our ambiance like coal, green buildings contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. Moreover, by lessening the carbon oxide levels discharged to the atmosphere, they help reduce the rapidity of climate change.

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  1. Water Efficiency

Water efficiency incorporates utilising water resources in a way which saves water and makes sure that now and future generations enjoy a trustworthy delivery of clean water. Eco-friendly construction enables the usage of alternative water sources like rainwater, lessening wastage of water through the efficient plumbing fixtures’ installation and eliminating the stress on shared water resources by the installation of systems which enable recycling and purify water.

In Conclusion

The future belongs to green homes and now you should look into eco-homes only. Select a construction firm like SVB Realty which specialises in environment-friendly planning and building. They have the skill and expertise required to offer you affordable and green solutions. Hence, it’s time to seek eco-friendly construction!

Has RERA become A Paramount Aspect of Real Estate Decision Making?

The much-awaited RERA was required for reviving confidence in India’s real estate sector. This is one of the prime revenue creators in India and it required some transparent government authority and regulatory authority for observing the builders. RERA offers a common ground for both builders and buyers and mitigates the risks which people used to encounter before.

Yes, RERA has definitely become a principal aspect of real estate decision making. It is of high importance because it is applicable to numerous organisations across the nation. The act instructs many things like project registrations and real estate agents. 70% of the finances gathered from purchases should be deposited in an individual bank account if it’s a new project and in the case of an existing project, 70% of the unused amount should be deposited in an individual bank account. The buyer has every right to know all details regarding a real estate project and should get all the documents associated with the project.

RERA establishes the state authority that governs both commercial and residential transactions. This act makes sure on-time project delivery and gives a huge relief to homebuyers. It makes sure more clarity between buyers and builders hence making sure transparency.

How RERA Impacts the Real Estate Decision Making

RERA impacts the real estate industry or real estate agents in different ways:

  • Real estate agents should be registered with state-level RERA.
  • Brokers in an unorganised sector should receive a license else they will be out of the market.
  • Making a code of conduct is compulsory for the agents and they should make all transactions official to restrict unfair business practices.
  • Builders’ prices will increase after the registration.

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RERA also impacts the organised real estate sector, for instance, a retail investor who spends expense on an under-construction project for guaranteed return will have all details regarding the financial strength of the builder providing the guaranteed return. As an outcome, it puts pressure on grade B builders and they should be highly cautious prior to introducing any project with a guaranteed return. RERA act enables the regulators for fining and imprisoning the defaulters and this imprisonment can go up to the tenure of 3 years.


It’s never late to start something for good. Albeit RERA act took a few years for coming into full force, one thing is certain that this act has brought new home for individuals impacted by the immoral practices of the developers. This is the responsibility of the regulatory authority for making RERA act work for the betterment of both builders and homebuyers.

Fire Safety Precautions for the Developers and Homebuyers

Being concerned about the fire safety of buildings is not just important for homebuyers but also for builders. You may have witnessed many fire incidents in your metropolitan city in the past few years. A safety plan for a building should start with a robust fire-fighting system. The fire department should take necessitous steps in the case of old buildings. However, in the case of new buildings, developers should follow the legal framework for safety needs. Real estate developers can add value by choosing fire-resistant materials for building constructions, aside from following the rules fixed by civic entities for approvals.

Fire Safety Precautions for Developers

Real estate developers should plan for fire safety processes amid the construction stage. They must make sure that the constructed apartment is compliant, in terms of fire alarm systems and smoke and fire detection systems. Moreover, they should conduct frequent fire audits for abstaining from every type of unwanted incident. Developers should not hide any vital info concerning dangers in the residential premises.

There are some other precautions to make sure that every accident risk is efficiently handled:

  • Residents/developers must make sure the maintenance of fire refuge areas.
  • Make sure no vehicle is parked or any product stored which can prevent the fire-fighting personnel/equipment from entering the premises.
  • Make sure not to overload electrical circuits.
  • Abstain from obstructions in shared walkways.
  • Don’t permit anybody to tamper with sprinkler systems, fire alarms or smoke detectors.
  • Avoid connecting generators to other power sources like power lines. The reverse electric flow could lead to an electrical fire.

So, these fire safety measures should be applied, handled and maintained by builders in emergency situations. There must be many escape routes available if heat, gas or smoke blocks the main route. The builders should also consider providing emergency services to rescue trapped residents by combating the fire.

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Fire Safety Precautions for Homebuyers

If you are buying a home, seek security features before finalising the house. Check whether the building has key security components like automatic sprinklers, fire extinguishers, or emergency fire alarms. These must be maintained by properly trained security guards as well. You can compromise on a flat’s carpet area but not on its security measures.

Make sure to conduct frequent checking of fire-fighting equipment. Ensure the circuit breaker wires are perfectly fit. Also, check whether there is any indication of erosion on insulators and wire padding. Keep all inflammable materials and trash away from the heat-producing kitchen equipment like a stove, furnace, oil burners, etc.

The Bottom Lines

A property builder must ponder safety measures while planning and designing a construction project. Government bodies outline different clauses, in respect of fire safety, which they need to follow. All fire-fighting equipment pieces are helpful, only if they work amid an incident. Thereby, these pieces should be maintained properly.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Women Staying Alone in the House

Living alone can be good in various ways. The biggest benefit is that you can enjoy your personal space and utmost freedom. However, it has disadvantages also: security and safety concerns. In case you are one of those women who live alone, you should begin thinking regarding the ways of living safer. Taking some easy precautions and investing in some modern home security devices, you could prevent many issues. Let’s check out some effective ways of staying safe and secure while living alone in your home!

  1. Check emergency appliances

Apart from burglars or thieves, natural disasters are also hidden risks for women living alone in her home. So, before shifting to a new apartment, check the exit doors and fire escapes in your building. Ensure all locks and exit doors are not blocked. Know how you can escape in case a natural disaster or fire happens.

  1. Install a home security system

Nowadays, the IP cameras are highly reasonable to offer a real mind peace. As a woman staying alone at home, you should purchase security cameras for feeling safer. If your home has a surveillance camera system, most of the burglars won’t attack your house. These cameras are available for both inside and outside of a house. On these cams, the live footage can be viewed on mobile devices, from any area. This helps view every suspicious action taking place when you are absent. So, install a home surveillance system right away!

  1. Install safety apps on your phone

Your mobile can help you keep secure while staying alone without men. Install some safety apps on your mobile which are made to enhance security. Some GPS tracking facilities and alarm apps make sure that you can respond to every issue you may have. Always ensure your mobile is completely charged, particularly at times when you are not at home at night.

  1. Select a gated community

Prevention is always better than cure. So, you are recommended to choose a safe community to stay alone for your safety. A gated community can be a safe place to live in alone for women. You can Google to find gated community plots in Pune as per your feasibility. This will help you reduce the possibility of a serious issue in the future.

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  1. Familiarize your neighbours

Women staying alone must familiarize their neighbours properly. Find people you can believe in and ask them to watch carefully for you. Making good connections with your neighbours will let them feel more watchful for you. Ask them to call the police if they find anything suspicious happening around your house.

Final Say

So, these are a few safety tips women should check out if they live alone at home. You should feel safe and protected in your house without fear of somebody attacking you or your property.

Benefits of Having a Home in a Gated Community

In case you are pondering to shift to a gated community, you are possibly also pondering what life might be like handling an automated security gate. If you are hunting for a house, remember the basic perks of staying in a gated community will help you decide whether a life behind the gates is worth it.

In this piece of blog, SVB Realty has listed a few pros of living in a gated community. Let’s check them out!

  1. Lifestyle

Do you prefer entertaining guests? Are you physically very active in your life? If yes, then living in a gated community will be the best option for you. Gated community plots in Pune highlight tennis courts or golf courses, incorporating related sports activities like tournaments and arranged play, lessons, and clubhouses, pools, neighbourhood parties, and amazing utilization of yacht docks and lakes.

  1. Higher Control and Security

At the entrance to a community, a security gate will definitely present a greater hindrance to vandals and thieves. In case a vehicle could possibly collide accidentally, a security gate’s mere presence is sufficient to prevent theft as burglars like to choose simpler targets. Only be certain that prior to shifting to the community, the manager has a plan of gate repair and maintenance to make sure that the community’s security is not compromised.

  1. Leisure Facilities

Numerous gated communities comprise of lots of leisure facilities for the residents. These facilities might incorporate a swimming pool, tennis courts, a golf course, and other activities like dance and workout classes. These offer entertainment and social opportunities and are generally the neighbourhood management maintain this.

  1. Safety of Pedestrians

It’s evident that a gated community features more control and security and undoubtedly pedestrians have higher security here when in comparison with separate home. Kids and elderly persons are safe in its ambiance. In this carefree ambiance, kids can play games and focus on other recreational activities with ease.

  1. Conveniences

All gated communities are situated methodically within a small distance from churches, mosques, temples, shopping centres, and hospitals. Maximum residential places are close to prime malls and theatres which permit easy access to every kind of activity. People require fast access to all of these locations as they can face issues like traffic jam and limited time which a person should first overcome before doing any other thing.

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  1. Absence of Speeding Vehicles or Regular Traffic

The continuous noise and bustle of traffic is not something you will require worrying about if you stay in a gated community. Living in a gated community helps you experience a sense of calmness and peace away from the hustle-bustle of today’s tech-driven world.

Wrapping Up

Gated communities offer a luxurious lifestyle that aids not just security but also peace and pleasure. Albeit staying in a gated community can cost you much, they basically come in many housing styles and price brackets. Hence, if you are seeking a residential place to stay in, ensure to add a gated community to your index!

Buying a Property as an Investment Option – Expert’s View

These days, buying a property is the safest and best way of investing money. Investing in real estate comes with many perks which makes it different from other forms of investments. Let us dive into 5 prime benefits of buying a property as an investment option!

  1. Fewer risks

Proper investment is less risky than other forms of investments, particularly while investing in real estate for the long-term. In case you hold investment properties for longer, you will face fewer risks of loss because equity and house prices build with time. Moreover, property investment is always worthy as they are physical assets.

  1. Greater control

People usually like to invest in property because they get full control over their investment. In case they wish to make changes to this investment, they also can. They can even make enhancements to the house for charging a higher rental cost and get a better ROI.

  1. Tax advantages

Lots of expenses involved with a property investment may be tax deductible. For example, charges paid on your loan, advertisements for tenants, maintenance, etc. Property investors can possibly utilize the losses coming from bad gearing (where the ROI is less than expenses) as a tax deduction.

  1. Hedge against inflation

Prices of investment property and cash flow usually have kept speed with inflation. Therefore, the expense of living raises and the same goes for investment properties’ costs also. This is beneficial for property investors on 3 levels:

  • The investment properties’ value increases enough for covering for inflation.
  • If inflation rises, real estate investors can increase the rent amount they charge.
  • Inflation doesn’t impact the mortgage payments; hence, their ultimate value lessens with inflation.

Thereby, inflation will be on your side with property investment.

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  1. Complete liberty

An individual or family needs to follow some rules fixed by the landowner while staying in a rented house. Nevertheless, buying your own house offers you complete freedom of living your life you want with no restrictions or regulations of the landlord.


Buying a property as an investment choice may appear difficult, but in case you have decided and want to put in effort and time, you could generate a strong passive income from this investment. From the aforementioned points, you can see that property investment comes with lots of benefits over other investment choices. So, this is high time to go for this investment!

Top Tips to Buy a Home at a Young Age

Buying a house is always a daunting process for a newbie buyer; however, it is particularly difficult for a young person. Some of the key qualification needs which banks usually provide you a mortgage (for instance, things like employment consistency) are tougher to showcase when you are only moving out. Nevertheless, for people who have saved some money and solid credit, buying a house at a young age is a great choice. For people who have decided for doing so without such things, getting assistance from your family can really help make it done.

Here are a few aspects that a young buyer needs to consider to purchase his/her house:

  1. Look for recommendations

Talk to some trained experts like local brokers and real estate agents to understand the market and decide whether or not the purchase would fulfill your investment requirements. With a professional’s assistance, you can make a checklist of the property and market highlights needed for the investment.

  1. Educate yourself

Subscribe to online forums, blogs and publications from vital sources to understand the pros and cons of property investment. Compare property costs, government charges, land tax, and socioeconomic factors of the location to decide whether the area represents a better long-term investment.

  1. Save ASAP

In case you wish to go for property investment at a young age, you should start saving ASAP. To increase your savings, you may need to stay in touch with a financial planner for helping you make a budget. You also must get into a practice of creating daily deposits into a higher interest savings account, so you can display your lender that you have a financial standard.

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  1. Consider social infrastructure

Nearby dining, retain, and entertainment choices need to be taken into account, provided the fact that young buyers give utmost importance to entertainment avenues.

  1. Plan for a loan

Consult almost 2 or 3 recognized banking institutions for understanding implications of the home loan procedure, with the inclusion of interest, documentation, tenure nuances, repayment policies, EMIs, etc.

The Bottom Lines

Finally, you should ask your parents about co-signing the mortgage with you. It makes them similarly liable to pay the mortgage. In case you go for attempting this step, as early as you can refund the mortgage without your parents, you need to think regarding doing so, in order to remove them from your loan, so you can end their responsibility.

Top Reasons for Buying Home On Akshaya Tritiya

People believe that investing in any asset on the holy day of Akshaya Tritiya will come with ample advantages. The term ‘Akshaya’ defines ‘eternal’ and the day is pondered prosperous when it comes to purchasing assets like home or jewelry. In short, this auspicious day is a good time for making an investment. It is believed that on this day, Kuber, the God of Wealth, prayed to Maa Laxmi. And he was offered eternal wealth and opportune by Devi Laxmi. From that day, it is said that people who invest in homes or any other assets, get eternal prosperity and wealth. Since people believe that buying an asset on this day brings luck, they go for purchasing a home with an expectation to reap more benefits in the future.

When pondered its practicality, it is the starting of summer when the schools are closed for a summer vacation holiday. Thereby, the home buyers get a complete month of time for deciding to shift and get a new house to buy.

Let’s check out top reasons for purchasing homes at Akshaya Tritiya:

  1. Less risk ratio – In maximum places in India, the property prices go down for some reasons instead of increasing. This helps home buyers own a home to purchase on this day. In fact, the deal becomes reasonable by 30% in comparison with the prices all over the year.
  2. Lucky day for special offers – In India, many real estate builders offer new schemes and special offers associating with payment plans on this day. Hence, this is an ideal time for home buyers to save cash as the property becomes more cost-effective for them.
  3. Home loans at cheaper rates – You can borrow home loans at cheaper prices this day and this is another purpose why people opt for buying a home on this prosperous day. Furthermore, this helps you receive better returns on investment. It’s a highly advantageous deal.
  4. Constant cash flow through rental income – Houses becoming cost-effective for the buyers with offers, home buyers can afford it as it makes the best passive earning source. The strategy of producing a steady income, in the form of rent can be implemented.

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Bottom Line

A home buyer must explore options, depending on the risk capacity, size of the investment, and anticipated returns. Consider the aforementioned reasons and justify why you should buy a home on Akshaya Tritiya over other assets.

Indian Real Estate Industry Embraces a Wait-and-Watch Approach

Amid every upcoming general election, real estate associates start to predict its effect on the real estate sector. Basically, the span amidst the election date’s declaration and the final result day is the time signified by caution and uncertainty in the entire real estate industry. Although investors usually avoid making market plays during this waiting span, buyers may go with a wait-and-watch viewpoint. However, the purposes can differ from the prediction that the homebuyers can get more offers from a newly-elected government to anticipation that the voters get rewarded with more sops from a re-elected government.

Impact of General Election 2019 on Home Buyers & Developers

During this election period, developers try to concentrate on selling their unsold stock instead of promoting new projects. This election time is significantly profitable for home buyers because they can negotiate with developers who look forward to selling units for more liquidation. In short, in this period, all associates wait for the ultimate result.

Undoubtedly, earlier, funds planted by political parties in Indian realty were used up for financing their poll campaigns. Presently, the market is encountering a serious reimbursement issue. Albeit now new laws possibly reduce the amounts which political parties can accept for donating in their campaigns, they certainly don’t cover every possible access avenue. Thereby, the span causing to the election could appear a hassle for the entire Indian Realty.

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Post-election Policies & Macroeconomic Ambiance Decide the Indian Realty’s Future

The post-election macroeconomic ambiance will significantly decide the future of Indian Realty in 2019 and beyond. It demands a stable government for sure to keep the sector financially healthy and developed. Moreover, the present development rate should be maintained.

As per ANAROCK data, the earlier years experienced fewer launches and sales. It is to be predicted that the newly-elected government will come with a clear object, an enhanced strategy and increased optimism that will result in better sales and productivity and choosing new project launches.

Nevertheless, with the series of post-election policies which followed consequently, new promotion and sale numbers decrease year-over-year. Every new policy declared by the present government brought destruction to Indian Realty and the sector is still trying to recover from a confusing state.

Thereby, in spite of a stable government, the real estate sector, whether real estate properties in Pune, Mumbai, or other metro cities across India, needs some corrective changes to be applied favorably. These changes will help the sector reap some long-term benefits that will continue with this current government or the forthcoming government.