Why People Invest in Real Estate on Gudi Padwa?

Amongst all the festivals in India, Gudi Padwa is considered as the most auspicious occasions for purchasing goods, items, and property or investments. It’s a traditional new year and considered as a start of new opportunities and approach for the people. According to the experts, Gudi Padwa is a traditionally auspicious time to invest in real estate in India.

Indians prefer investing in a property or buying a home on the occasion of Gudi Padwa, especially in Maharashtra. Thus, the real estate developers in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur and the other parts of Maharashtra experience a rise in enquiries.

Let’s see what more Gudi Padwa brings for the people looking to buy a home.

Attractive Discounts

The realtors understand the importance of the auspicious occasion for the homebuyers.  Therefore, they come up with different schemes and attractive Gudi Padwa offers to attract the homebuyers. As per past records, developers from Pune, Mumbai, and Nasik start focusing on the discount deals before these type of occasions.

Offering Freebie

Developers depend heavily on the festive days like Gudi Padwa for a much-needed push. Most of the developers have inventory to clear out and as a result, they offer different freebies with the home. Homebuyers come across schemes such as free gold coins, holiday package, modular kitchens, etc. The recent challenge for almost every builder is the parking allotments. Thus, you will come across the offers like ‘with covered parking’.

Home Loan Offers

Alike real estate, Gudi Padwa is important for the home loan companies also. Private home loan companies also start offering new home loan plans for the homebuyers on the festivals. You may come across loan offers with lower interest rates. Additionally, a few home loan lenders in the big ticket segment, come up with offers like easy EMIs and waiver of processing fees and charges.

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Government Schemes

Gudi Padwa often comes after the declaration of the financial budget. Since the home is one of the basic needs of the people, the budget helps to take the steps to make the housing affordable for the people. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has helped many homebuyers a long way to buy their first home or property. These type of government schemes have set the right tempo for the homebuyers and investors to invest in real estate sector.

Every real estate developer from Pune, Mumbai, or any other part of Maharashtra understands the importance of Gudi Padwa. These days are the booster for the developers as most of their inventory is sold on occasions like Gudi Padwa. Real Estate industry has been following this for many years. So, if you are a home buyer, watch out for the exciting Gudi Padwa offers!

A Very Happy Gudi Padwa to the Readers!

A Guide to Find the Top Builders in Pune

Pune is one of the most developing cities for real estate investment in India. Researches show the development pace of Pune is accelerating quickly. The niche of top Builders in Pune is offering Residential Projects with Modern Amenities at Prime location in the city.

A point worth mentioning is that most of the top builders in Pune are industrial players that construct high-end residential and commercial projects. So, before you choose any builder it is good to make a list and categorize builder on the basis of different parameters.

Given the fact that Pune is now developing like anything, there are plenty of real estate development projects that are happening around the corner. While you might get the place you were looking for at the same time it could be a little difficult to find the top builder in Pune. There is no surprise even if you end up saying that you spent a week or even a month in finding a good builder.

You might have heard that construction and development require safety and legal aspects. After all, you cannot just hurriedly pick any random builder and book your home. It requires a lot of thought and thorough research. Also, it is time-consuming and can be costly if amateurs make mistakes.

Top builders are the industry players. At the same time, it is important to figure out top builders who have experienced in the work you need and also offer clear competitive rates so you can choose the best. You must be wondering how one will choose top builders in Pune. Hence, we are here to guide you with some of the tips that will make it easy for you.

Requirement Evaluation:

It is very important for you to know exactly what the requirement is. Based on that particular requirement you can actually go for the builder who specializes in the kind of projects that you are willing to buy.

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Go for experience:

While we are nowhere saying that amateur builders are less competent but if given a choice you need an expert. The home buying decision is a big decision and you do not want to spoil it at the hands of an amateur builder. It is always better to pick up an experienced builder as he or she would be professionally well versed.

Ask for license:

Not every area needs a licensed builder but it is good to have your home built by an experienced builder only. Also, does a builder offer insurance in case if something goes badly wrong? It is wise to discuss each and everything before hiring a builder.

Check for Warranty:

One of the most important benefits of new construction is that you can ask for a warranty. Ask, if they can provide maintenance for at least two years for major construction problems.

These simple steps shall definitely help you find the top builder in Pune who would further help you in building your dream home.

The Emerging Residential Projects in Pune

The ninth most populous city in India and also the second largest in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is growing like anything. One must know that it is also the 101st largest city in the world, by population and is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region. The ‘Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Rankings’ evaluated living conditions in more than 440 cities across the world and without a doubt Pune managed to rank at 145th position, second in India after Hyderabad which ranked 144th.

Well, as per the same ranking, it is found that the Pune city is featured amongst evolving business centers and nine emerging cities around the world and was referred as a city which “Hosts IT and automotive companies”. This goes without saying that Pune has truly emerged as a new startups hub.

Pune, the city that is filled with adventures and has a great quality of life to promise. As the city is pacing toward developing a lot of employment opportunities are mushrooming as well. A good infrastructure, employment opportunities & a flexible culture makes Pune an ideal place to work at. Since last two decades, Pune has expanded in all the directions. Without a doubt, a large amount of the extended area is occupied by the residential projects in Pune, as the need for housing has increased multifold, in the wake of a swelling population of the city.

Talking about the outskirts of the city, there are a number of new residential projects that are coming up in order to accommodate a large number of people who are shifting to Pune. The fact that Pune has become a growing hub of IT industry, places like Hinjewadi and Magapatta seem to be the hubs where most of the professionals are preferring to buy their homes. Even the neighboring areas like Baner, Wakad, Aundh, Ravet, Bawdhan, or on the East of Pune are widely preferred.

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If we carefully look out a lot of top builders have focused on these prominent areas wherever you see you would be able to spot different development projects without a doubt. Right from apartments, complex to NA plots and row houses.  Considering a significant population of Engineering Industries in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bhosari, Nigadi, Akurdi & Chakan areas, we also witness the emergence of new residential projects in Pune and outskirts.

On the other hand areas such as Viman Nagar, Nanded City, Kalyaninagar etc. are very well known for affluent localities as the new residential projects in these areas are launched with suave amenities. But, some other areas such as Narhe, Dhayari, Ambegaon etc. are known for budgeted homes.

If you analyze, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a bachelor working professional who has shifted to Pune for work, or you have a middle-class family who is looking for limited amenities or even if you are someone who is looking for prime locations that are luxurious – Pune has something for each one of you. Pune is preparing itself with a variety of properties suitable for a variety of needs, budgets, and preferences.


It goes without saying that buying a home is a crucial decision that one takes. While being a single mother is no sign of weakness yet, one cannot deny the immense amount of responsibility that comes with being a single mother. So, whether you are a single mother who is thinking of buying a home or your friend, we decided to come up with some tips and tricks that could come handy to buy a home.

  1. Budgeting: Each one of us perhaps dreams of a big mansion but then our budget is our foot on reality. While the idea of buying a huge home is tantalizing one must not forget the budget. A careful calculation of the amount you can churn out an investment in the house would help in laying down the budget. Once your budget is finalized you can then move ahead and explore the best possible option within the stipulated budget.
  1. Size of the house: Once you decide the budget, the next thing you need to choose is the kind of house, i.e. an apartment in a high rise, a villa or row house to suit your requirement. Equally important is to consider the house size. Looking at the current scenario perhaps, a small home which consists of a 1BHK is suitable for you but, that doesn’t have to be the case always.
  1. Safety matters: since you are probably going to be lone with your son or daughter, ideally safety should be your first cause of concern. We are not saying that you are weak but rather that you need to be a little more careful than everyone else. Check if the apartment has CCTV cameras installed and ask what are the safety measures that are taken care of.
  1. Resale benefit: Buying a home is a long-term investment. In the future, you may wish to sell the house as you move to another city for better career prospects or for a bigger house. So, analyze the rate of return you can get from the property. Take an idea from the past, present and expected appreciation rate before you make this big investment.

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  1. Research well: Right from legal obligations of the home to its neighborhood. Get your research done right. After deciding the budget and house type, you should start researching for your house. While exploring the property, you should also try to gather information about the neighborhood. In course of your research, you should also take the RERA registration number of the property you wish to buy and get all the details from the RERA website. This way you can be sure when buying a house.
  1. Infrastructure: At times we forget to focus on the infrastructure part of the home. Check out the amenities you are getting at the house. Ask if the water flow is 24×7, check how far school and hospital is. These basic things are often overlooked only to cause distress later on.


These were the few tips to consider if you are planning to buy a home as a single mother. These basic tips will help you get it right.




Properties in Pune with Prime Location

Being the second largest city of Maharashtra, and the  “Oxford of the east” Pune is an attractive place to buy or rent a property in. Culturally rich and famous for its educational institutions – Pune is a prime location for students, Businessman looking to open up new ventures, art lovers looking to explore, and even for someone looking to retire in a beautiful place. In compliance with the Rising demand for property in Pune, builders are also coming up with the range of property – from affordable to luxury.

The property business in Pune is literally booming, today. This has become possible mainly because of the availability of property to the customers, as per their comfortability: Firstly, builders are making fully furnished apartments or other apartments affordable. Further, top builders are initially taking a booking amount and the rest of the money can be paid in installments. This has expanded the property market to the middle-class people and also, the youth. It is the perfect time to purchase properties in Pune, as Pune’s real estate market today is one of the most promising realty markets for investment. With the rising development in the infrastructure of Pune, the city is in high demand for investors and well-paying companies, to purchase properties.

North Pune

The major areas in North Pune are Chinchwad, Malegaon, Akurdi, Pradhikaran, and Ravet. Chinchwad being one of the industrial hubs of the city draws in rapid residential development. The entire North is, in fact, coming up with many new residential villa projects in Pune. Another good location is Viman Nagar known mainly for its luxurious projects.

Central Pune

The main locations are Model Colony Prabhat Road Apte Road Deccan and Shivaji Nagar. This area is the current favorite of builders

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East Pune

Boat Club Kalyani Nagar Hadapsar Iman Nagar Kharadi Koregaon Park is the high society and posche areas, with all the Metropolitan crowd, IT companies and luxury apartments

West Pune

infrastructurally good and conveniently located from work, Baner Balewadi Kothrud Hinjewadi Pashan Wakad, Aundh, Pimple, and Saudagar are all a great property investment

South Pune

Ambegaon, Katraj, Khed Shivapur, Salisbury Park, Warje, Mohammadwadi, Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, NIBM, Parvati are all coming up with new residential projects – Katraj being especially famous as a low-cost housing destination.

Ranked number one in India in the ease of living ranking index, and one of the cleanest cities, it is one of the growing Industrial and urban hubs. To purchase residential properties in Pune, whether for living or investing, the above mentioned real estate markets – North, central, East, west, south Pune should be preferred.

Home Automation: The Next Wave of Change in the Real Estate Industry

Decades ago buying a property was a luxury that only a few could afford. People had to work for years, saving enough money to finally buy any house that fits their budget. There were not too many choices as to what kind of property you like, or in which locality you want it, or availability of other amenities, etc. Eventually in the 1980s, with the coming up of home loans and affordable EMIs, the real estate industry experienced a boom as more and more property became available to people, especially in Metropolitan and Tier 1 cities.

Reiterating to the needs of the consumer’s, builders also started experimenting by offering a value-added lifestyle to the consumers like swim pool gyms clubhouses Italian marble flooring etc. to increase the demand for their products. Soon, consumers started expecting these amenities as a basic part of their standard lifestyle. The transformations that the real estate industry has gone through over the decades, automation has also transformed accordingly for the consumers and the buyers.

Adoption of Home Automation in Indian real estate:

Home automation, although a four-decade-old segment never flourished earlier due to various issues like unaffordable product servicing issues limited functionality and necessity for wiring of appliances. However today with all the technological advancement that has changed, especially the evolution and availability of Smartphones. How we workshop Bank socialize everything is just a touch away. Home automation system has also been redefined – products with enhanced functionality this is integrating with existing Home Automation products are being developed by modern developers. Wi-Fi enabled wireless products based on plug and play model what comprises the new age home automation, making it easy for the consumers to control through their smartphone. Facilities these Home Automation products provide:

  • They are easily manageable and can be controlled from remote locations
  • Motion sensor devices and live feeds provide 24* 7 surveillance
  • Through the planned use of connected appliances, you can save a lot of money
  • Also, you can save electricity by almost 25%

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New Age Home Automation:

The new age home automation system is devised mainly keeping in mind the millennial’s and the youngsters who look for projects to invest in which accommodate Home Automation systems. Young home buyers dig the concept of smart homes, as they are the most Technology dependent.

With more innovations and developments in home automation products, New Age Home Automation products cater to all your needs like controlling garbage door, home entry, playing the music system, switching on air conditioners, ordering food – all your chores will be done, on your command or it can be pre-configured.

Especially in senior citizens homes, Home Automation can play a very important role, weather system can be pre-configured to do the course of the elderly and call for medical assistance in case of emergencies.

Voice-enabled devices like Google home and Alexa can be configured with your home automation system. With the growing Technology, Home Automation is a basic need whether you are a consumer or a developer. Instead of taking care of the house let your house take care of you and itself!

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Property

Are you looking to finally buy a property that you can call your own? It is a great decision to invest in an asset for you and your family provided you make the right choices. As exciting as it is, buying a property is also an exhausting task- whether you are buying a newly constructed property or a previously owned one. Especially with a newly constructed property, you have to monitor the building along with the Builder. On the other hand previously on property comes with all its information, although you have to verify those.

When you have taken the decision to go by your new house or invest in one of the villa projects in Pune, with the Builder or the agent, make sure to not miss any details and do thorough background research. It is best that you double check everything and avoid any risks in an important transaction such as buying property. Let’s make your task easier – here are a few mistakes you want to avoid while buying a property:

Inadequate Research:

The most important and essential steps while buying a property is research. First select a city, then make a list of your preferred localities. The real estate developing authorities and Consultants can give you information regarding the area – future infrastructural development safety sewage water system etc. Then you can physically go and check for yourself if the locality suits you. Depending on how big or small your family is you can then choose the house type.

Listing pros and cons:

Once you shortlisted the houses, list the pros and cons of each to compare. Make sure when you visit the houses personally you talk to your neighbours to get information that is not listed with the authorities, also it builds a rapport with your future neighbours. Check out the basic requirements for living in a place like the market, malls, hospitals, schools, police stations etc.

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Do not exceed your budget:

No matter how mesmerizing your house appears to you, keep in mind your budget, to avoid any financial problems in the future. Plan a budget, search for a suitable home loan, and be practical. Because you have to incur further costs apart from the cost of your property, like registration money, buying things for the new house like furniture, living cost, etc. Villas are often costly, however, there are villa projects in Pune that are available in moderate budget that includes Ecostone, and SVB Future City at some of the best locations near Pune.

Incognito costs:

When hiring an agent, or taking professional legal help, make sure you discuss their charges in the very initial stage. Hire an experienced lawyer to help you through the process.

Do not rely on verbal promises:

During your meeting document every conversation you and your seller have to make sure that your dream house is built just the way you wanted to be, and also it clears out any confusion. Usually, you don’t have to do it, your lawyer will document every information necessary for the deal. Any changes that occur in your plan have to be noted down so that you don’t have to pay for anything unnecessary later.

Do not listen to too many people:

”Too many cooks spoil the broth” – everyone will seem to know everything about the property and give you different advice, but stick to your own gut and only listen to professional help. Instead of relying on second-hand information, check out the sites yourself, or look for information on the websites. Friends, family, and relatives may want to help out, but their incomplete information is not reliable. In case you can’t physically visit the places, hire someone trusted to do the research.

Investment Tips: How to Buy a Home that Delivers Long-Term ROI

The decision of property buying should be dependent purely on the need of an individual and the inherent value of the unit. But some of the tips to ascertain, that where to invest money to get high good returns.

For the property buyer, it will be advantageous to be judicious during the evaluation of offers and schemes, to base the purchase decision solely on the real value of the home. Though the freebies like golds, cars, and household-goods have an undeniable attraction it doesn’t add to the actual value. For the middle-class property buyers, the price of a home is obviously an important consideration, but the cheapest option on the market doesn’t make sense as the quality determines the value. For residential property, the offering quality depends on the aspects viz., location quality, builders brand-value and the availability of the facilities and amenities in the project and unit.

Traditionally, the central locations are costliest due to the accessibility to central business district (CBD) and secondary-business district (SBD). So living in central locations are desirable and very expensive from a real-estate pricing perspective. But this idea is getting changed due to the infotech cultures. Good salary packages are offered by IT/ITeS companies but they are not focused on high-value locations for saving the real-estate costs. So it turns out that many city’s outskirts become very desirable places for home buyers and inexpensive. So buying a home in the peripheral locations connecting an IT-hub/manufacturing-belt makes a perfect sense for IT-professionals and industrial-employees, even the property-investors. So these locations attract all kind of developers and here the brand-value plays a significant role.

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In these new growth corridors, a lot of choices are available for home buyers from various housing supplies. But a home is not just an asset but also performs the very critical functions by offering refuge, comfort, and security. So the buyers should look for options where these advantages are provided at a satisfactory level. The branded real estate builders provide these facilities as standard value offering, for their reputation.

Facilities and amenities add values to a property and the present urban lifestyle demands this, due to lots of stress. As per the consequence, our homes cannot be a mere place of refuge but also provide healing and rejuvenation. A clubhouse, swimming pool and children’s park are not considered a luxury, but bare minimum requirements. Projects without such offerings can also found buyers due to less price. In the short-listing prospects of a home purchase, the final selection should ensure that it provides a decent lifestyle and not just an abode.

If one looks from this perspective to the supply of the residential market, the option choices will automatically be narrowed down to a more manageable and comprehensive level. Right home buying is not just for present and future comfort but also about investment growth. So for property investors, homes in good locations, build by reputed developers with good availability of amenities and facilities, will yield better capital appreciation always and potential rental income too.

Should You Invest in an Apartment or Villa Project?

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest expenses, whether it’s for living/investment. So choosing the right property with care makes the process of buying apartment/villa more complex. Here are some ideas to keep in mind that helps in real-estate investment.


The real-estate decision is driven by the price factor. It’s normally common, that villas are costlier than an apartment and even more expensive if falls within the high-end luxury category. Villas also have high maintenance fees compared with the apartment. For independent home/villa, it’s pretty steep as the garden and common area costs get added. Apartments/flats sale is more practical in this aspect since everyday management is taken care by paying a quarterly/maintenance fees.


Another key factor is the location. It’s important to consider the proximity of the property from daily life’s important places like offices, schools, hospitals, and city center. Villa complexes tend to be located at the outskirts of the city, while apartments, offers a wider choice in terms of location.  They can be within the city limits or just outside that leaves you to choose between the best offer of city and suburban life. The location also affects the family you bring. For example, if you are a sole-person move out for relocation for work, you will be looking for a studio-apartment, since most of the time you will stay out.


Nowadays most of the real-estate buyers are nuclear families and a flat in an apartment is a good bet for them.  However, many home buyers prefer the privacy is more in Villa projects in Pune than the apartments. Whereas, larger families prefer independent homes/villas.  So once you narrowed down your search in the city and locality to purchase a real-estate, you should consider the demographics of the area before settling down in a flat in an apartment or an independent home like a villa. Apart from gauging the actual living space you require, it’s also important to ascertain the family unit types settled in the area for ensuring that you can rent/sell your property easily.

Freedom of Space

In the housing market, the independent houses/villas can be modified to reflect the changing tastes and styles more easily. But this degree of freedom of easy expansion/reconstruction often lacks with flats in an apartment.

As both the villa and apartment complex have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there are some factors also to be considered such as security, community, facilities etc. With villas, you get the offer of freedom and space to do what you like, but the apartment offers positive, in terms of better security, club facility accesses, ease of being rented out, etc. Since there is no definitive answer to the villa/apartment debate, but there are ways around to work it. For instance, residential villa projects in Pune in a gated community can also offer the same amount of security, facilities, ease of management and an equal sense of community.

New Year Home Resolutions for 2019

In the starting of new-year 2019, if you have one resolution on selling your current home or buying a new one, there are many factors to consider, making buying and selling a home stressful. Here is brief guidance on the real-estate transaction.

Before thinking of buying or selling a home, you need to handle your finances in order. Being a buyer, it doesn’t matter the monthly mortgage payment or being seller, the check you receive at the closing table. For buyers, pre-approval gives you an idea of affordability and the routine costs that come with home-ownership. It’s advisable to verify your assumptions with a financial adviser. For sellers, the final cost is all that matters. The professionals/advisers can only advise on the financial realities like the potential tax implications of the sale and any area-specific obligations i.e., closing costs.

Getting educated about the homes in your selected area. Some simple ways of learning the market are by using the smart-phones or the real-estate websites. You will get an idea of the median home price and average days on market. Search by the school to learn the local amenities and even compute your commute, getting acquainted with area stores and restaurants. It’s well worth to look at the increasing of home price in your targeted neighbourhood.

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Choosing of real-estate professional depends on either you buying/selling a home. As it’s not a swipe-turn decision, so don’t stick to only one professional. The agent should be with you in each step of this complex, often emotional process and matches your personality.

Home buyers should start at the earliest for the lowest possible price and less competition. So bad weather and kids in school times are recommended. In addition, you need to handle how much you can afford, so shop for rates and loans.

Home sellers should take advantage of the peak selling season, mostly in spring through summer. So when your property is out on the market, it’s always tempting to take the first decent offer comes. If not in the pressurized situation, then give it some time, expand your offer-pool by showing maximum possible time before comes to the final decision. A good first impression on potential buyers is also very important. As buying a home is sometimes emotional, so make sure your house pulls the heartstrings at first-look. Invest on a good photograph of your house and ramp-up the curb appeal by adding potted plants, a new doormat or fresh paint. These upgrades won’t break your bank but effects potential buyers.

Avoid costly mistakes and problems. For buyers, don’t get caught with immense master-bath or huge backyard. Always look at your budget and reasonable down payment you can afford. Must stick to the goals and parameters of your search. The sellers, should keep the right price and is comparable with other homes in the area. It’s advisable to speak with the real-estate experts for right home value.

Though buying and selling a home is a never-ending tips list, but it always remains both exciting and daunting.

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