Properties in Pune with Prime Location

Being the second largest city of Maharashtra, and the  “Oxford of the east” Pune is an attractive place to buy or rent a property in. Culturally rich and famous for its educational institutions – Pune is a prime location for students, Businessman looking to open up new ventures, art lovers looking to explore, and even for someone looking to retire in a beautiful place. In compliance with the Rising demand for property in Pune, builders are also coming up with the range of property – from affordable to luxury.

The property business in Pune is literally booming, today. This has become possible mainly because of the availability of property to the customers, as per their comfortability: Firstly, builders are making fully furnished apartments or other apartments affordable. Further, top builders are initially taking a booking amount and the rest of the money can be paid in installments. This has expanded the property market to the middle-class people and also, the youth. It is the perfect time to purchase properties in Pune, as Pune’s real estate market today is one of the most promising realty markets for investment. With the rising development in the infrastructure of Pune, the city is in high demand for investors and well-paying companies, to purchase properties.

North Pune

The major areas in North Pune are Chinchwad, Malegaon, Akurdi, Pradhikaran, and Ravet. Chinchwad being one of the industrial hubs of the city draws in rapid residential development. The entire North is, in fact, coming up with many new residential villa projects in Pune. Another good location is Viman Nagar known mainly for its luxurious projects.

Central Pune

The main locations are Model Colony Prabhat Road Apte Road Deccan and Shivaji Nagar. This area is the current favorite of builders

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East Pune

Boat Club Kalyani Nagar Hadapsar Iman Nagar Kharadi Koregaon Park is the high society and posche areas, with all the Metropolitan crowd, IT companies and luxury apartments

West Pune

infrastructurally good and conveniently located from work, Baner Balewadi Kothrud Hinjewadi Pashan Wakad, Aundh, Pimple, and Saudagar are all a great property investment

South Pune

Ambegaon, Katraj, Khed Shivapur, Salisbury Park, Warje, Mohammadwadi, Sinhagad Road, Kondhwa, NIBM, Parvati are all coming up with new residential projects – Katraj being especially famous as a low-cost housing destination.

Ranked number one in India in the ease of living ranking index, and one of the cleanest cities, it is one of the growing Industrial and urban hubs. To purchase residential properties in Pune, whether for living or investing, the above mentioned real estate markets – North, central, East, west, south Pune should be preferred.

Home Automation: The Next Wave of Change in the Real Estate Industry

Decades ago buying a property was a luxury that only a few could afford. People had to work for years, saving enough money to finally buy any house that fits their budget. There were not too many choices as to what kind of property you like, or in which locality you want it, or availability of other amenities, etc. Eventually in the 1980s, with the coming up of home loans and affordable EMIs, the real estate industry experienced a boom as more and more property became available to people, especially in Metropolitan and Tier 1 cities.

Reiterating to the needs of the consumer’s, builders also started experimenting by offering a value-added lifestyle to the consumers like swim pool gyms clubhouses Italian marble flooring etc. to increase the demand for their products. Soon, consumers started expecting these amenities as a basic part of their standard lifestyle. The transformations that the real estate industry has gone through over the decades, automation has also transformed accordingly for the consumers and the buyers.

Adoption of Home Automation in Indian real estate:

Home automation, although a four-decade-old segment never flourished earlier due to various issues like unaffordable product servicing issues limited functionality and necessity for wiring of appliances. However today with all the technological advancement that has changed, especially the evolution and availability of Smartphones. How we workshop Bank socialize everything is just a touch away. Home automation system has also been redefined – products with enhanced functionality this is integrating with existing Home Automation products are being developed by modern developers. Wi-Fi enabled wireless products based on plug and play model what comprises the new age home automation, making it easy for the consumers to control through their smartphone. Facilities these Home Automation products provide:

  • They are easily manageable and can be controlled from remote locations
  • Motion sensor devices and live feeds provide 24* 7 surveillance
  • Through the planned use of connected appliances, you can save a lot of money
  • Also, you can save electricity by almost 25%

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New Age Home Automation:

The new age home automation system is devised mainly keeping in mind the millennial’s and the youngsters who look for projects to invest in which accommodate Home Automation systems. Young home buyers dig the concept of smart homes, as they are the most Technology dependent.

With more innovations and developments in home automation products, New Age Home Automation products cater to all your needs like controlling garbage door, home entry, playing the music system, switching on air conditioners, ordering food – all your chores will be done, on your command or it can be pre-configured.

Especially in senior citizens homes, Home Automation can play a very important role, weather system can be pre-configured to do the course of the elderly and call for medical assistance in case of emergencies.

Voice-enabled devices like Google home and Alexa can be configured with your home automation system. With the growing Technology, Home Automation is a basic need whether you are a consumer or a developer. Instead of taking care of the house let your house take care of you and itself!

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Property

Are you looking to finally buy a property that you can call your own? It is a great decision to invest in an asset for you and your family provided you make the right choices. As exciting as it is, buying a property is also an exhausting task- whether you are buying a newly constructed property or a previously owned one. Especially with a newly constructed property, you have to monitor the building along with the Builder. On the other hand previously on property comes with all its information, although you have to verify those.

When you have taken the decision to go by your new house or invest in one of the villa projects in Pune, with the Builder or the agent, make sure to not miss any details and do thorough background research. It is best that you double check everything and avoid any risks in an important transaction such as buying property. Let’s make your task easier – here are a few mistakes you want to avoid while buying a property:

Inadequate Research:

The most important and essential steps while buying a property is research. First select a city, then make a list of your preferred localities. The real estate developing authorities and Consultants can give you information regarding the area – future infrastructural development safety sewage water system etc. Then you can physically go and check for yourself if the locality suits you. Depending on how big or small your family is you can then choose the house type.

Listing pros and cons:

Once you shortlisted the houses, list the pros and cons of each to compare. Make sure when you visit the houses personally you talk to your neighbours to get information that is not listed with the authorities, also it builds a rapport with your future neighbours. Check out the basic requirements for living in a place like the market, malls, hospitals, schools, police stations etc.

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Do not exceed your budget:

No matter how mesmerizing your house appears to you, keep in mind your budget, to avoid any financial problems in the future. Plan a budget, search for a suitable home loan, and be practical. Because you have to incur further costs apart from the cost of your property, like registration money, buying things for the new house like furniture, living cost, etc. Villas are often costly, however, there are villa projects in Pune that are available in moderate budget that includes Ecostone, and SVB Future City at some of the best locations near Pune.

Incognito costs:

When hiring an agent, or taking professional legal help, make sure you discuss their charges in the very initial stage. Hire an experienced lawyer to help you through the process.

Do not rely on verbal promises:

During your meeting document every conversation you and your seller have to make sure that your dream house is built just the way you wanted to be, and also it clears out any confusion. Usually, you don’t have to do it, your lawyer will document every information necessary for the deal. Any changes that occur in your plan have to be noted down so that you don’t have to pay for anything unnecessary later.

Do not listen to too many people:

”Too many cooks spoil the broth” – everyone will seem to know everything about the property and give you different advice, but stick to your own gut and only listen to professional help. Instead of relying on second-hand information, check out the sites yourself, or look for information on the websites. Friends, family, and relatives may want to help out, but their incomplete information is not reliable. In case you can’t physically visit the places, hire someone trusted to do the research.

Investment Tips: How to Buy a Home that Delivers Long-Term ROI

The decision of property buying should be dependent purely on the need of an individual and the inherent value of the unit. But some of the tips to ascertain, that how home buyers can choose a property that provides a good return on investment (ROI) are mentioned.

For the property buyer, it will be advantageous to be judicious during the evaluation of offers and schemes, to base the purchase decision solely on the real value of the home. Though the freebies like golds, cars, and household-goods have an undeniable attraction it doesn’t add to the actual value. For the middle-class property buyers, the price of a home is obviously an important consideration, but the cheapest option on the market doesn’t make sense as the quality determines the value. For residential property, the offering quality depends on the aspects viz., location quality, builders brand-value and the availability of the facilities and amenities in the project and unit.

Traditionally, the central locations are costliest due to the accessibility to central business district (CBD) and secondary-business district (SBD). So living in central locations are desirable and very expensive from a real-estate pricing perspective. But this idea is getting changed due to the infotech cultures. Good salary packages are offered by IT/ITeS companies but they are not focused on high-value locations for saving the real-estate costs. So it turns out that many city’s outskirts become very desirable places for home buyers and inexpensive. So buying a home in the peripheral locations connecting an IT-hub/manufacturing-belt makes a perfect sense for IT-professionals and industrial-employees, even the property-investors. So these locations attract all kind of developers and here the brand-value plays a significant role.

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In these new growth corridors, a lot of choices are available for home buyers from various housing supplies. But a home is not just an asset but also performs the very critical functions by offering refuge, comfort, and security. So the buyers should look for options where these advantages are provided at a satisfactory level. The branded real estate builders provide these facilities as standard value offering, for their reputation.

Facilities and amenities add values to a property and the present urban lifestyle demands this, due to lots of stress. As per the consequence, our homes cannot be a mere place of refuge but also provide healing and rejuvenation. A clubhouse, swimming pool and children’s park are not considered a luxury, but bare minimum requirements. Projects without such offerings can also found buyers due to less price. In the short-listing prospects of a home purchase, the final selection should ensure that it provides a decent lifestyle and not just an abode.

If one looks from this perspective to the supply of the residential market, the option choices will automatically be narrowed down to a more manageable and comprehensive level. Right home buying is not just for present and future comfort but also about investment growth. So for property investors, homes in good locations, build by reputed developers with good availability of amenities and facilities, will yield better capital appreciation always and potential rental income too.

Should You Invest in an Apartment or Villa Project?

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest expenses, whether it’s for living/investment. So choosing the right property with care makes the process of buying apartment/villa more complex. Here are some ideas to keep in mind that helps in real-estate investment.


The real-estate decision is driven by the price factor. It’s normally common, that villas are costlier than an apartment and even more expensive if falls within the high-end luxury category. Villas also have high maintenance fees compared with the apartment. For independent home/villa, it’s pretty steep as the garden and common area costs get added. Apartments/flats sale is more practical in this aspect since everyday management is taken care by paying a quarterly/maintenance fees.


Another key factor is the location. It’s important to consider the proximity of the property from daily life’s important places like offices, schools, hospitals, and city center. Villa complexes tend to be located at the outskirts of the city, while apartments, offers a wider choice in terms of location.  They can be within the city limits or just outside that leaves you to choose between the best offer of city and suburban life. The location also affects the family you bring. For example, if you are a sole-person move out for relocation for work, you will be looking for a studio-apartment, since most of the time you will stay out.


Nowadays most of the real-estate buyers are nuclear families and a flat in an apartment is a good bet for them.  However, many home buyers prefer the privacy is more in Villa projects in Pune than the apartments. Whereas, larger families prefer independent homes/villas.  So once you narrowed down your search in the city and locality to purchase a real-estate, you should consider the demographics of the area before settling down in a flat in an apartment or an independent home like a villa. Apart from gauging the actual living space you require, it’s also important to ascertain the family unit types settled in the area for ensuring that you can rent/sell your property easily.

Freedom of Space

In the housing market, the independent houses/villas can be modified to reflect the changing tastes and styles more easily. But this degree of freedom of easy expansion/reconstruction often lacks with flats in an apartment.

As both the villa and apartment complex have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there are some factors also to be considered such as security, community, facilities etc. With villas, you get the offer of freedom and space to do what you like, but the apartment offers positive, in terms of better security, club facility accesses, ease of being rented out, etc. Since there is no definitive answer to the villa/apartment debate, but there are ways around to work it. For instance, residential villa projects in Pune in a gated community can also offer the same amount of security, facilities, ease of management and an equal sense of community.

New Year Home Resolutions for 2019

In the starting of new-year 2019, if you have one resolution on selling your current home or buying a new one, there are many factors to consider, making buying and selling a home stressful. Here is brief guidance on the real-estate transaction.

Before thinking of buying or selling a home, you need to handle your finances in order. Being a buyer, it doesn’t matter the monthly mortgage payment or being seller, the check you receive at the closing table. For buyers, pre-approval gives you an idea of affordability and the routine costs that come with home-ownership. It’s advisable to verify your assumptions with a financial adviser. For sellers, the final cost is all that matters. The professionals/advisers can only advise on the financial realities like the potential tax implications of the sale and any area-specific obligations i.e., closing costs.

Getting educated about the homes in your selected area. Some simple ways of learning the market are by using the smart-phones or the real-estate websites. You will get an idea of the median home price and average days on market. Search by the school to learn the local amenities and even compute your commute, getting acquainted with area stores and restaurants. It’s well worth to look at the increasing of home price in your targeted neighbourhood.

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Choosing of real-estate professional depends on either you buying/selling a home. As it’s not a swipe-turn decision, so don’t stick to only one professional. The agent should be with you in each step of this complex, often emotional process and matches your personality.

Home buyers should start at the earliest for the lowest possible price and less competition. So bad weather and kids in school times are recommended. In addition, you need to handle how much you can afford, so shop for rates and loans.

Home sellers should take advantage of the peak selling season, mostly in spring through summer. So when your property is out on the market, it’s always tempting to take the first decent offer comes. If not in the pressurized situation, then give it some time, expand your offer-pool by showing maximum possible time before comes to the final decision. A good first impression on potential buyers is also very important. As buying a home is sometimes emotional, so make sure your house pulls the heartstrings at first-look. Invest on a good photograph of your house and ramp-up the curb appeal by adding potted plants, a new doormat or fresh paint. These upgrades won’t break your bank but effects potential buyers.

Avoid costly mistakes and problems. For buyers, don’t get caught with immense master-bath or huge backyard. Always look at your budget and reasonable down payment you can afford. Must stick to the goals and parameters of your search. The sellers, should keep the right price and is comparable with other homes in the area. It’s advisable to speak with the real-estate experts for right home value.

Though buying and selling a home is a never-ending tips list, but it always remains both exciting and daunting.

A Guide to Creating Wealth with Residential Real Estate Investment

So a question may arise on how does an investor makes the most from the property investment? So let us look at the expert views on factors and regions that all the residential home buyers should consider.

For any kind of infrastructural investment or in any residential property to get effective returns, the location of the housing should have a proper social infrastructure, property public transportation facilities, and proper economic activity to retain development and growth. All of these parameters equally apply to all kinds of non-agricultural lands assigned to residential developments and also to flats in the residential plots.

However to reduce or neutralize the risk factors, one must stick to tier 1 and tier 2 cities always. It is also advised to invest in the properties where the price ranges between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 per square feet and this would give you protection against the capital erosion value. To get it simple it means that it is a safe price segment deal and guarantees nearly the best capital appreciation.

Some top guidelines to get the most from your investment:

1.To get to know better about the property circle so to identify and be assured about the best entry point

2. All the leasehold titles that are issued by the government must always be followed.

3. All the building investors must have a clear comprehension of unearned increase of the whole capital gain the main value of the stamp duty that needs to be paid on time.

4. Always remember to check the quality of development because poor Design and weak construction are the common points where the market falls down.

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5. The project’s total development plan and the statutory plans should be in place. If the approvals and plans are not in place, the investor must monitor them closely and effectively during the investment cycle.

6. Must always check the credibility and the previous history or the track record of the developer and his total arrangements for the capital required to complete the project as even most of the top and reputed developers have failed to develop and complete their project in time.

7. To shortlist and appoint a well-known legal farm for carrying out all the legal activities and diligence on the property’s titles. A person should not always rely on the home loan farms alone as they also need to complete their company’s targets like the developers.

8. To first understand and analyze the size and dimensions of the plot. Small plots or apartments usually cost less but are very difficult to sale.

9. The location of the project is important but so is the location and direction of the flat or apartment. All types of investors are advised not to buy the top floors of high rises as the floor charge would be added to it.

There are many upcoming residential projects in Pune and outskirts. Pune’s real estate has seen a rise in the investment opportunities in NA plot projects.  With the introduction of Pune Metro, it is clear that Pune’s Real Estate Market will experience a rapid growth.

Pune’s Suburbs Transform the City’s Property Market

Most of the suburban areas in Pune easily offer thousands of affordable and semi-ranged housing complexes and developing societies. So let us look at why these property options can be the best and the most ideal options for the people and all types of property investors.

Usually, Pune is not considered to be a metropolitan city of India especially when is compared to neighboring cities like Mumbai.  But unlike Mumbai, Pune has the advantage of being able to expand structurally and now it has been growing at a rapid rate. With the constant absorption of technology from the surrounding places and cities, the city will soon take over cities like Mumbai in terms of development and developed others areas. Even nowadays Pune suburban areas account for the massive geographic spread and these areas have seen the highest rate of affordable and medium-range housing society development.

Some of the well-known suburban areas are performing better than other areas. The suburban areas which are near to the IT and ITes park usually attract rich buyers and are heavily in demand with the popular and with the big budget people. The main reason behind the areas’ popularity is their high tech and better civic and social infrastructure. The other suburbs have been inspired by the development and have started their own large integrated infrastructure development. A lot of the extended suburban areas are only having budget housing infrastructure. But with heavy infrastructure advancement and huge demand for homes and villa projects in Pune, these extended suburbs have witnessed a huge improvement in their profile and popularity.

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Why These Areas Are Better Than Cities or Urban Areas?

But contrary to the urban beliefs, the real estate areas basically lies in these suburb areas. There lies a misconception where people of India have a belief that the most advanced and the most Valuable housing societies lie in the city major and central areas. While the housing solutions near and around the center part of the city, will always be in heavy demand due to their proximity to the popular central and secondary business district, most of the Central busy locations remain totally unaffordable and heavily congested. The recent builders are only able to buy very small patches of land in the central areas of Pune. Such small plots will only accommodate a limited number of flats in the central areas.  There are very few real estate builders in Pune who have properties available to build townships, societies, and villa projects.

Added to this problem, as the space in such Central patches is less and is restricted, these builders mostly offer limited or no extra amenities which is a major disadvantage of such plots. At the end of the day, the things which a buyer notice is the small and restricted housing areas that usually offer negligible or no amenities but adding to the negative reviews of the city central areas.

How SVB Realty Became the Preferred Realtor for NA Plots in Gated Community!

At the beautiful locations of Pune, the well-known land developer SVB Realty, provides residential NA plots and villa plots, at an affordable price. From the inception, it has constantly grown as a realtor by providing delivery on time, exceptional, luxury residential homes with innovative designs. In the scenic locations of Pune, the premium villas and NA plots are situated, which will calm your mind, de-stress your life and adding quality to your every breath i.e., living a wonderful life with your loved ones. Similarly, their residential projects, which are unique and one of its kind, where also you will experience a sense of pride, freedom, and luxury. By developing phenomenal gated community and outstanding residential solutions, SVB Realty set a benchmark. In just 6 years, they take pride on 10 million square feet of real estate development. So SVB Realty makes your dream a reality.

Some of the project overview of SVB Realty as follows:

SVB Future City: It is located at Khed Shivapur, where residential NA plots and villas are available for sale. It is a luxurious country-side resort living provides all the world-class amenities.

9 Luxure Estate: It is located at Talegaon, where residential NA plots and villas are available for sale. It is a premium, luxury, gated community living that’s a notch above the rest.

Ecostone or The Village Life: It is located in the heart of Takve, where bungalow plots and complete 1 and 2 BHK villas at the price of bungalow are available for sale. It is premier eco-themed gated community strategically conceptualized, near to every convenience, yet secluded in exclusivity.

Since SVB Realty is one of the leading land developers in Pune and Mumbai, so you will make a safe investment by investing in the villas and NA plots. All the deals are transparent and they will assists you in all the documentation processes. They also provide 365 days of customer services and you can lead a stress-free life. As their residential projects are located in prime locations so investing in a villa or NA plot can yield high returns in the future.

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They follow the 5 T-factors (or transparency), as follows:

  1. a) Legal Conduct
  2. b) Business Conduct
  3. c) Financial Conduct
  4. d) Customer Relation Conduct
  5. e) Project Commitment Conduct

The SVB Realty offers premium, luxury residential villas and NA plots in Pune and their strategic planning, marvelous constructions and timely deliveries have earned the company a reputation of trust over the years. Instead of the project locations away from the hustle and bustle of the city in beautiful places, this doesn’t mean, you will be living in an isolated place. A smart connectivity to the major places and landmarks in the city will be available and it will enable you to reach those destinations in a short period of time. You will enjoy living in the arms of nature, de-stressing yourself with fresh air, lush green environment with amazing scenic beauty and also reaching your workplace faster using superior connectivity.

Pune Real Estate 2019 – Top 5 Investment Reasons You Cannot Ignore!

If you are planning to buy a property in India, then the most preferred place to suggest is Pune. In Pune, the residential property market has maintained its momentum even during these challenging times. It is also the best-performing residential real estate markets in the recent past. You can find your ideal home and villa projects in Pune at the places such as Hinjewadi, Pimpri, Kharadi, Wakad, Talegaon, Bavdhan and the outskirts of Pune. But like all other real estate investment, it is also very important to ensure that you are making the right investment in the right location of the city.

The following top 5 real estate investment reasons in Pune that emerged for the year 2019, which you cannot ignore for the real estate investment.

1) Pune Tops in the List of the Most Livable City in India:

By the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Pune was reported to be the most livable city in India. The result comes from a survey of a total of 111 cities, based on the 4 different metrics which are likely to be governance, physical, social and economic infrastructures. This announcement should be having a positive bearing on the city’s real estate sentiments.

2) On the Radar Infrastructure Development:

Some of the key projects in Pune are in the pipeline which will give Pune an infrastructure facelift. These projects are Hinjewadi – Shivajinagar metro, Swargate – Katraj metro, Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) along the Pune – Mumbai Highway, revamp of smaller roads and a 33 KM long ring road.

3) Fast-track Pune Metro by the Government:

The third phase of Pune metro that is running between Hinjewadi and Shivajinagar, has been categorized as a ‘vital project’ by the state government. The faster release of land, finance and other requisite assistance i.e, fast-tracking the completion of the project falls under this status. It also spelled a good news for the homebuyers based on the decision of extending the line up to Hadapsar too.

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4) IT Park Development Approval by PMC:

In Aundh, Baner, and Kharadi, approval for new IT parks has been granted by Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC), which would generate approximately 1 lakh sq. ft., of IT space in the city. So in the nearby housing locales, such as Wakad, Pashan, and Vishrantwadi, a housing demand is expected to propel due to the increase in job opportunities.

5) Pune Housing Market is eyed by NRIs for Investment:

The NRI community’s top choice for realty investments for earning a healthy return, in the long run, emerged for Pune, Delhi, and Mumbai due to the backsliding of rupee against US Dollar. Anticipated expectations for the NRIs, to crack deals worth Rs: 100 – 150 Cr., as a consortium, which will benefit all the aspects like, the residential, villa projects, the retail and also the commercial real estate markets.

So it is the right time to invest in Pune for real estate investments than in any other cities in India. The property prices are expected to be seen a rise in future soon.

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